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Original Swiss Made Army Ammo Cart CHOICE AVAILABLE Genuine Reenactment WW1


Availability: Only 1 left in stock


A unique chance for you to own an original & unrestored Ammo cart.

Wheels are painted in wartime blue, which may have been used by Germans

A Swiss WW1 design, which followed onto use in WW2 to allow troops access through mountain areas with rough terrain.

These would normally have been pulled by horse, pony or mule type animals, but can also be pushed from the rear by a person.

Each cart has a rear coupling to allow a train of carts to be pulled (please see our photos)

Each one comes with the original wooden handles, aswel as the centre wooden pole for pushing (in a very good condition).

These are extremely well made to a really high quality.

These carts are of course very old, and will have the expected signs of Military use & will have signs of storage.

You are more than welcome to visit us and choose the one you want.

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