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British Army 9×9 Land Rover Canvas MK2 Command Tent Expedition Fishing Shelter Off Grid


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Genuine & Direct from the British Army

You will receive the 9×9 tent shown in the photos.

Standard 9×9 version – In a very good used condition
This canvas is in a very good condition for its age (dated 1986), with a nice thick canvas that will last years to come!
You will see 1 minor nick (1cm wide) – nothing that affects the use of the tent.

Vehicle connector/sleeve built in.. Designed to attach onto a Land Rover, but can be used for similar size 4×4’s etc.

Great for expeditions, wild camping, festivals, off roading & lots more!

What you will receive…

9×9 canvas
Complete frame set including all poles and knuckles
Set of 15x genuine pegs
Adequate storage / transport bags
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