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British Army Heavy Duty 40cm Steel Peg Single, x6, x10, x14 Tent Gazebo Marquee


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Genuine Army Surplus

Used conditions – Grade 2
The pegs will have a slight bend and surface rust, but they are still fully usable 

Options available:
Single: You will receive 1 peg
Set of 6: You will receive 6 pegs
Set of 10: You will receive 10 pegs
Set of 14: You will receive 14 pegs

As used for the 9×9, 12×12 & 18×24 Military tents

These are heavy duty steel pegs, designed to be used with large tents/marquees 

Approximately 1.5cm in diameter, these will be more than ideal for any gazebo or awning

2x knobs to secure rope, lashings or any other means of fixings

Spiked end, easily driven into most ground conditions (hardcore, grass, wet soil, hard standing pads)

Approximately 40cm in length, and 800g in weight

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