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British Army No5 Field Kitchen Cookset Utensil Set & Box Army Surplus Camping Cooking


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Genuine & Direct from the British Army

No5 Field kitchen utensil set – In a good used condition

Listing is for all of the utensil bits shown in the photos:

1x Aluminium utensil box (in very good condition)
1x Plywood insert
1x Padlock & Key (new)
1x Scrubbing brush
1x Can opener
1x Burner parts kit
1x Digital food temperature probe

3x Plain serving spoons (large)
3x Perforated service spoon (large)
1x Food slice

1x 1/4 pint ladle
1x 1/2 pint ladle
1x Strainer / Colander
1x Large whisk
1x Flour sieve
1x Rolling pin
1x Potato peeler
1x Brush
4x Chopping boards (Blue, Green, White & Red)
1x Set of mixed knives
1x Fire blanket

Great for camping, cadets, scouts, event catering, BBQ’s and lots more!