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Ex Army Camouflage Netting Pole & Basket SET Aluminium / Fibreglass Camo Net


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Genuine Ex Army

This set includes: 10 x Aluminium or Fibreglass Camo Poles, & 5 x Baskets

Choice is yours, (please select from the dropdown menu)

BASKET: Measuring approximatley 45 cm

Can be applied to either pole

FIBREGLASS POLE: Approximately 1.2 Meters in length

1.5 cm in diameter – Flexible, can be made into dome (7 poles required)

Slot together to give you any length required

ALUMINIUM POLE: Approximately 1.3 Meters in length

2.5 cm in diameter – Rigid poles ideal for camouflage netting support

Slot together to give you any length required

Camouflage Netting Available, Please contact for details 

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