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Ex MOD British Army Thales Meteorological Weather Data Sensor Metsman II


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Genuine & Direct from the British Army

New / Old British Army stock

1x Metsman II Sensor – With mast attachment, Cable & Mast base

Metsman II Information taken from THALES brochure

Key features

Enhances survivability in hostile environment.

For Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defence

Main characteristics

Ability to measure wind speed & direction whilst on the move.

Extremely low thermal signature.

No moving parts.

For all applications requiring meteorological information

METSMAN is a highly accurate sensor that measures the following parameters:

* Wind speed and relative wind direction
* Ambient temperature
* Relative humidity
* Ambient pressure

Please note: We have not & cannot test these ourselves due to lack of knowledge – No returns (price reflects)