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Ex RAF Pilot Helmet Mounted System Day HUD Heads Up Display Elbit Systems Aircraft Aviation


Out of stock

Genuine & Direct from the MOD

Helmet mounted Day HUD (Heads Up Display) for Pilots & Co-Pilots

Believed to be part of the HDTS system (Helmet display tracking system)

These appear to have very little or no use at all!

Made by Elbit Systems
Model: MB386A

Info taken from the manufacturers:

Wide FOV Color Day Display Module
Full color symbology FOV 30ºX22.5º
1.7 Min. (at 10,000 FL)
> 50 mm (allows glasses and visor between eye and display optics)
< 370 grams
Easily attached to any standard NVG-Mount
Quick disconnect for emergency egress

HDTS (helmet display tracking system) improves flight safety and situational awareness by reducing the pilot’s head and eye motion for cockpit scanning. Complicated manoeuvres in bad weather and low visibility conditions, low altitudes (NoE) or during night can be performed safely with enhanced survivability.

More manufacturers info can be found here – https://elbitsystems.com/product/hdts/

Due to limited knowledge and testing facilities, we are unable to test these oursleves.
These are sold as untested – Price reflects

Helmet is not included – For reference only


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