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Genuine Army Naval 24mm Hemp Rope Jeep Marine Boats Bedroom Tug Of War Decking


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Genuine Royal Navy Surplus

New, with very minor storage marks

The rope can be cut to required lengths, as and when purchased

Lengths are in meters

Rope/Yarn size: 24 mm

Material: Manila

Construction: 3 Strand

Rated breaking strength: 4600 kgs

Rated breaking strength is untested by us (this would of been tested by manufacturers when new).

This rope would look fantastic on the bumper of a Jeep, decorative garden use, garden decking, agriculture, winches, kids play, tug of war, activities, and SO MUCH MORE!

If you require more quantity of this rope, please contact us

This rope will be cut to required length, although we will be as neat as possible, there will be signs of a cut on each end.


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