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Sahara III Plasma Blood Heating Thawing Unit Blood Warming Ex Army Medical


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Previously used by the British Army

Used condition – This has been plugged in, and appears to be working as it should.

Manufacturers details:

The SAHARA III Dry Tempering System by SARSTEDT serves to thaw or warn blood components prior to their use in transfusions.

These components include whole blood, frozen plasma, and various cryoprepatations or erythrocytes.

Thawing and/or warming is done by dry heat , and therefore does not require the use of water.

Heat is both thermally conducted from the warming plate to the blood component being treated, and from the forced convection of heated air inside the compartment.

Since water is not used in the warming or thawing process, any possible contamination by water-borne pathogens is prevented.

Drying of the blood bag also prevents contamination by either water-borne or air-borne pathogens.

Blood component temperatures are measured by an infrared sensor, avoiding the necessity of direct contact being made by measuring instrumentation.